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building behavior change one small habit at a time.

Employee wellness programs should not be one-size-fits-all. That’s why we developed a comprehensive, customizable program that seamlessly uses technology, activity trackers, targeted incentives and game mechanics to turn things we all should be doing—like drinking more water or taking the stairs—into motivating challenges that help people achieve healthier lifestyles.

start small or go big.

Choose the features that best fit your needs:

mobile app

Support employees on their wellness journey 24/7 with updates, goals, incentives and rewards—directly to their smartphones.

integrated coaching

Make the wellness experience more personal with coached challenges, a monthly health series and educational webinars. Click here for pricing.

fresh expert content

Engage employees with new monthly challenges, contests, incentives and programs to tackle weight loss, tobacco cessation and more.

unlimited challenge platform

Create custom challenges to complement the hundreds of expert-created and coached challenges in our extensive catalog.

biometric screenings

Give employees valuable health insights and recommend challenges that target their specific needs.
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launch support

Get strategic consultation to determine your organization’s wellness goals and learn best practices for a successful launch.

turnkey incentive engine

Create custom, automated incentive programs using amazon gift cards, premium differential or HSA deposits.

device integration

Let employees easily check in or track progress by synching their data with activity trackers.

communication toolkit

Motivate employees to register and get started with customized communication tools.


Jumpstart the wellness experience with a health quiz that matches employees to relevant, immediately actionable challenges.

real-time aggregate reporting

Gain valuable insights by logging into the hubbub dashboard at any time to view real-time employee activity.

friend and family access

Keep employees engaged and accountable by offering hubbub access to their friends and families.

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  • Delivers flexibility with easy-to-create team challenges and easy-to-join solo challenges
  • Supports your existing employee benefits and plan design
  • Goes beyond traditional HRAs to match employees with targeted challenges
  • Includes health-coached challenges, plus companies and employees can buy extra coaching support
  • Offers worksite biometric screenings that directly import data to hubbub platform
  • Enables you to motivate employees with cash rewards, discounts on insurance premiums and more